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Big News in Egyptian Archaeology

We've been working hard (and having a ton or fun) creating our 3rd escape room: Professor E's Mummy Mystery.
Our room's storyline - your team of archaeologists has been hired to join Professor E in a dig for a mummy he believes is still hidden in the sands of Egypt.

egyptian mummy discovery

In the midst of this room design process, we came across the following news: the 3,500 year old tomb of a royal goldsmith was unearthed in Luxor, Egypt this summer. 

How cool is that?!

Tombs and mummies and treasures really are still being discovered to this day.
And yes, there are more to be found...

Will you help Professor E with the next historic dig??

(Click the "news" link above for the full fascinating article.)

Escape and Play! Saturday Sept. 9th

Here's your chance to have a family night out - separately!

First, drop your kids off at Youth Play where they will enjoy all the inflatable fun they have to offer with their Bounce and Play session from 5:00-9:00 pm. They will even be fed! Then head over to Enter Exit Escape, just a block away, where you and your friends will have a thrilling escape room experience! 

Partake in both offerings, with kids at Youth Play and adults at Enter Exit Escape, and enjoy $5.00 off every participant's admission.

Reserve your spot now. Call 301.703.5258 for details! 

We're opening...Thursday August 3rd!!!

It's been a year and a half since we began this journey. We've been hard at work beta testing our rooms for two weeks. The feedback has been tremendous! We are now ready to share the fruits of our labor with you!! :)

There will be two themed rooms available for booking, with the third room coming online shortly after.

  1. Check out the video stories for Escape Room 101: Science Lab and Special Ops: Dirty Money.
  2. Gather your friends, family, or coworkers to assemble your A-team.
  3. Book the chosen room for the date and time desired.
  4. Come in and enjoy your unique escape room experience. 

Your adventure awaits!

Final Inspections on our Suite Approved!

Finding the perfect home and then building it out to our specifications has been a long process. But it was so worth it!

We LOVE our beautiful building. It's new, conscientiously constructed, and full of modern amenities. And our suite #003, with its entrance in the back of the building, has been designed to provide you with the most comfortable, fun, and memorable adventure.

Whether it's an adult night out for an escape game, a celebratory private event, a professional team building experience, or even a conference room rental for a class or meeting, we've got you covered!    

Mobile Escape Game Opportunity - June 10th

We are working diligently on the brick and mortar business. We'll be open in the summer! In the meantime, we are going to offer our mobile escape game one more time. :)

Come join us at the Milkhouse BrewFest June 10th. Professor E. awaits you at his Egyptian encampment, where you'll need to use your wits and skills to prove you are worthy of his archaeology team. You and a few friends have 15 minutes to complete the mission! Will you make the cut?

Ticket info for the BrewFest on the Farm in Mount Airy is here. The cost per individual for the escape game is $7 and payable on site. See you there!  

Let the Buildout Begin!

"Before" pictures of some big open spaces, which will soon be divided into 3 escape game rooms, a game masters' cove, reception, office, and large meeting/conference space. "During" pictures to come...!