Enter Exit Escape

All may enter. All will exit. Only some will escape.

Meet the proud owners of Enter Exit Escape!

Our vision:

Kristen and Lisa

Kristen and Lisa

Enter Exit Escape is an independently owned entertainment and team building venue dedicated to bringing a professional, lively, rewarding, valuable, and utterly unique experience to our beloved town and the wider region. We believe our success lies in being an active member of our community by positively impacting individuals and teams and working cooperatively with a variety of local partners to foster wellness and growth. We aim to provide a friendly, lively atmosphere with top-notch customer service and high quality games that will leave participants excited and ready for more.

How and why we got this thing started:

Short answer: Kristen and Lisa experienced an escape room and were hooked!

Long answer: With backgrounds in education and mental health, we have always worked to support people in being their best selves. Both of our families are long-time residents of Mount Airy, over 60 years combined! We are deeply invested in and active members of our community, continually looking for ways to help our town and its residents thrive. Early in 2016, we were victorious in our first escape room mission. With a group that included individuals aged 12 to 72, we were thrilled to have found an activity that could engage and excite three generations at once! Given our passion for games and a desire to take on a new challenge in our own lives, the idea of opening an independent escape room in Mount Airy took hold. With the support of family, friends, businesses, and organizations in the area, the idea became a reality. The more we meet and collaborate with others, the more confident we are of the positive benefits our escape room brings to individuals, teams, and the larger community. An escape game brings out a wide range of strengths among individuals as your team joins forces to complete a common goal. It provides a unique opportunity to laugh, play, puzzle, and work yourselves into a frenzy. It'll get your synapses firing! We look forward to meeting you so we can share our excitement and start your team on a truly memorable adventure!

tour our space

Take a look at what we have to offer at 1902 Back Acre Circle in Mount Airy, MD. Our brand new suite boasts a large welcoming lobby, comfortable reception area, immersive and uniquely themed escape rooms, and a fully-equipped event room. We are ready to fulfill all your entertainment and team building needs!