Enter Exit Escape

All may enter. All will exit. Only some will escape.

This is big, very big!

Let us bring an escape game to YOU!

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We have made it our mission to offer all the benefits of a well-designed escape game to groups of 40-200 people, on your own turf! 

Story: BAYCOM (Bay Command) is sending your ship of explorers on a mission of discovery through the Chesapeake Bay. In the time allotted, you will gather information, avoid perils, and solve problems that will undoubtedly arise. Along the way, you will need to identify geographical features and landmarks; pick up animal species for later study; communicate with other ships and with BAYCOM about your findings. If you correctly navigate from one location to another as you travel through the Bay, you will have completed your mission and earned your next rank.

This fully-immersive nautical adventure includes rope tying, semaphore flag signaling, Morse code, and more!

Our large-scale mobile escape game is perfect for...

  • Work Staff
    office or department team building, conference weekend activity, managers' ice breaker

  • Sports Teams
    end of season celebration, pre-season teamwork event

  • Civic Organizations
    volunteer appreciation, youth group celebration, community building

  • School Groups
    club or special program celebration, graduation activity, family night, grade-level event

  • Family Groups
    wedding weekend, graduation gift, holiday celebration, milestone birthdays, reunion or anniversary fun


Please contact us to discuss the many possibilities of bringing this unique and valuable escape game to your large group!

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