Enter Exit Escape

All may enter. All will exit. Only some will escape.

The fun Starts here!

Note 1: There are two options for booking your adventure.
a) You may have each adult in your group book individually for the room, date, and time your team has chosen. This will ensure that all parties receive important instructions and promotional discounts.
b) You may book the room as a private experience, ensuring that the room cannot be booked by anyone outside your group. The added benefit of this option is that the pricing reflects a discount when your group size is the maximum allowed for that room.

Note 2: Although we are sure your children are charming and well-behaved, we require at least one paying and participating adult to accompany children under the age of 17 in each escape room.

Note 3: If you have an existing account, you may log in to manage your bookings here.

Team building, celebrations, and other group events:

For more information on scheduling a team building event, birthday party, celebration, or other tailored group event, check out our Private Events page, Corporate page, and Large-Scale Mobile Game page and contact us at info@enterexitescape.com or 301.703.5258. We'll be happy to put together a fabulous package for you!