Enter Exit Escape

All may enter. All will exit. Only some will escape.

Professor E. at Sykesville Chili and Beer Festival Nov. 5th

Saturday 12-5 Main Street Sykesville

This will be our last festival appearance of the season. So don't miss this opportunity to experience our exciting mobile escape game!

Entrance to the street festival is free, and tickets for beer tasting from the many local craft beer vendors are available at the door.

Professor E's Egyptian Expedition awaits you. For just $7 per person, your group of 3-5 can test your wits and skills at our archaeology-themed escape game. You have 15 minutes to complete the mission by solving clues, deciphering codes, unlocking locks, and locating artifacts. 

Word of advice: Your skills will be sharper at the beginning of the day, before you've had too much "fun!" So come see us early and get the leaderboard started. :) 

They did it! Mission accomplished. 

They did it! Mission accomplished.