Enter Exit Escape

All may enter. All will exit. Only some will escape.


Steve L. at our August 27th event

Steve L. at our August 27th event

"Very very cool first experience with Enter Exit Escape on Mt. Airy Main Street festival tonight. I'm generally a bit skeptical about things like this. I tend anticipate being underwhelmed.

Not tonight.

First, I was impressed by the number of people in line when I came by their space. They had a lot of people interested. Everyone at the info table did a great job of explaining what exactly an escape room is. (In this case, the "escape room" a tent, set up for the event. Inside were artifacts and clues. Players had 15 minutes to figure out how to get out. But, don't worry, you could just walk out if you wanted to.)

While I was waiting to enter the tent with a few total strangers, a previous couple came out absolutely excited, even though, in their words, they "failed miserably." I was surprised at their enthusiasm.

My team had much better luck. We figured out how to get out in 7 minutes and 12 seconds. (I think that was our time.) It was exhilarating. But even if we hadn't cracked the code, it would have been a great time, and well worth the $6 to play.

I can't wait till these guys are fully up and running with full versions of their escape rooms."